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When are you ready?

1 You already give trainings

You already provide trainings, maybe even accreditation trainings. Doing that in a business hotel or other standard place, well, that’s not your preference either
You are a speaker or (almost) author of a specialist book. 
You really want to bring something to your customers, you prefer to touch them deeper than superficially and temporarily.
You don’t want to be on your own, especially if it would take a whole week.
At the end of such a week, you also want to be full of energy still.
You are busy and you are ready for a week that feels like a holiday.

2 You want to give a training abroad

You always have had travel jitters anyway. You have even been running for a while with the idea of training abroad. It didn’t happen or it didn’t work out.
You also want to stimulate yourself while traveling, always inspiring, for everyone
Customers also want something new, a little more to get challenged, but only if in a beautiful setting.
The time is now ripe for it, and this retreat concept is now almost “on purpose”.

3 You have your own community

It is already part of your routine for you to actively approach your own community of followers and customers, via social media. You can and want to organize a promotional information evening or event.
You have a goodwill factor for the people in your network: they would go out for a week with you, yes, that will be special.
As an active networker you like to talk about your special events.
You want to make your training a success through your network or online campaign.
You are willing to invest time into it.

4 People are willing to pay you 2,000 euros

The people in your network already see that you deliver value. If you accumulate all the training moments with you in Sardinia, people are willing to pay you 2,000 euros.
You also dare to ask yourself so much for a valuable week with you.
You want to keep at least a few thousands euros at least a week after deduction of costs.
You want complete openness with regard to the costs of such a week.
You don’t just add it for fun: making money is important to you.

5 You give people inner peace

Your field is something that gives people inner peace of mind, whether it is physical, business, social or spiritual or a combination. In short, you do people good.
You also enjoy bringing people together and allowing themselves to be beautiful, so that they can discover and develop themselves.
You feel fulfilled if you can take such a beautiful role towards your people.

6 You love holidays with a touch of adventure

You like adventurous vacations. You can see the charm of slightly rebelliously “see what’s there”.
You also like to ‘spontaneously respond to what presents itself’.
You dare to take an unknown mountain path, perhaps into a cave or cavity, you are open to taking chances.
No matter how careful you are: you are not frightened.
But yes, where can you still experience that?

Do you recognise more than one of these elements in your situation? Come and brainstorm with Sam. During our non-binding first meeting, we will explore feasibility and how to complement your training in Sardinia.

Why go on a training with your clients abroad?

You are ready for the next step

You are ready to step up: giving your training abroad. You love travelling or would like to travel more but to a destination that is closely aligned with your training and that is enriching it.

Your trainees or students gain knowledge in a different experience than at home

  • Together on a training trip, your students form a close-knit group in which much can be shared in confidence.
  • Away from home = no routine or distraction, your students can focus 100% on your training.
  • Sam heightens your experience of what Sardinia has to offer though his insights and deeds. He adds depth to your training and enlightens the participants with another level of knowledge about the island and its virtues.

It just leaves more of a mark: people on a journey, on an adventure, become more creative, more open, and trust themselves and you more deeply. Your training becomes a journey with impact that they will never forget!

Your students make a business investment

  • Deductible as business expenses
  • They paid quite a bit for it, so they are more likely to give 100% during the training week. They want it to yield something.

You combine training with relaxation

Sardinia through Sam’s eyes and his interventions is much more than just a beautiful environment to give your training: it is a stimulating, wonderfully energising environment! Giving a week of training can be very intensive, but here, in this concept, you do not have to do everything yourself, neither during the preparation nor during the week. There is room for relaxation, not only for your students but also for you as a trainer. You must all feel better than at the beginning, by the end of the week!

“I could have not given myself a bigger gift to myself ever. This Journey to Purpose was truly life changing for me.”
participant in the “Journey to Purpose ”training week

Are you ready for the next step? Do you want to get away from home and the daily routine without hassle? You too will be relieved. Another special feature is that Keep Alive Tours enriches your training and deepens it with local inspiration : with links to your training which is reinforced by the stories behind meaningful Sardinian places.