Trainer? Turn your training into an unforgettable journey with impact!

Skip booking an average business hotel or meeting room. Think bold and offer your participants an environment bursting with inspiration. Start by picking a new exciting location. A location with meaningful spots on an island to introduce your insights. An environment inspired by healthy centenarians, an island which supports your own story.... Choose Sardinia with Keep Alive Tours!

Discover the benefits of a workation with Keep Alive Tours

For yourself

You are ready to step up: giving a week-long training abroad. You love travelling or wish you travelled more often. You prefer to match your location to the concept of your training. You also do not want to plan it and do it all yourself.

For your group

Learning new knowledge away from home leaves a bigger mark on people. Your fellow travellers, whom you barely know, also bring in more depth to your experience. When taking an adventurous trip with some level of anonymity, people tend to open up more, to dare more, to show more creativity and improved confidence in the future. They will be thankful beyond the event, they will keep following you because your training will be an unforgettable training with an impact.

Traveling with Sam

Sam (Samuele Pitzalis) stands on your side. He is an Italian Dutchman with proud roots in Sardinia. He knows plenty of hidden gems in Sardinia. He speaks the local language, gets on well with the locals, he connects people in a creative and loving way, stimulating new opportunities doing so.

Your get taken care of

As a trainer you are fully taken care of. You do not need to drive around nor arrange it all. Sam arranges fast and friendly communication with the Sards, from meals to accommodation and whatever arises during your stay.

For meaningful places and encounters

You will head to a unique destination, with depth and an aura of wonder, of adventure even, yet so close: Sardinia. Sam lets you see how this unique island deepens and enriches your training. An island which is perceived as its own continent, with meaningful places, clear inspiration from healthy centenarians, magical history, pure products and such beautiful spontaneous encounters on the way “by chance”.

Examples of organised trainings

Do you want to see more examples of trainings or retreats? 

What can you do in Sardinia?

Give your training in the morning,
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based on your year programme,
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condensed in one discovery week,
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deepened by our Sardinia experience,
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a safe adventure together.
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Trainer Henny: 'Sam deepened my 4 trainings in Sardinia'

Coach Peter: 'You can trust Sam completely. We go for edition 4.'

Are you ready to give a workshop or training in Sardinia?

You already give trainings, maybe even accreditation trainings. Do you want to stand out among trainers and stop giving trainings in predictable places, rooms?

You have been thinking about giving a training abroad for quite a while. Maybe you once tried but it did not go through or did not work out. Yet you still are thinking about it making it happen.

You actively reach out to your own community of followers and clients, including on social media and you have earned some good will from them. As an active networker, you enjoy talking about special events

In your network, you can count on having people who can spare 2,000 euros for a week full of trainings in Sardinia. Yes, with you giving them so many trainings in such a short time, it becomes affordable and worth their money.

Your professional field provides your clients with inner peace, whether physically, business wise, socially or mentally or a combination of these factors. In a nutshell, you do some good to people.

You love holidays with a touch of adventure, wandering on path, even sometimes off the path ready to explore. Curious about what is there and where we will end up!

Do you recognise more than one of these elements in your situation? Come and brainstorm with Sam. During our non-binding first meeting, we can map out possibilities for your training and how to complement it. Come for a good brainstorming session or schedule an appointment with Sam.