Inspiring Sardinia: Rich in history and culture. All the people who have visited the island have left their marks. It's an island with meaningful spots to introduce your insights. An environment inspired by healthy centenarians. Rich in nature and diversity:  an island which supports your own story.... 

Keep alive longer and healthily

Sardinia is the only Blue Zone in Europe, this way you do not have to travel all the way to Okinawa in Japan or Nicoya in Costa Rica or Lona Linda in the USA or Ikaria in Greece to give extra depth and dimension to your own training for a fun and wise inspiration from the locals.

Depending on the content of your training, we can select some elements or decide to include the complete vitality pyramid to live healthily past your 100th birthday. Performance at any level improves if you are healthy and happy. We can incorporate this into your training.


People who have been to Peru and Egypt and Cambodia recognize “the old energy” here. Sardinia is very old and has remnants from much, much earlier times than the famous Phoenicians, Punians, Romans, Pisans, Arabs, Spaniards and the house of Savoy, who have all set foot in Sardinia and certainly left their mark. This is even on top of the visible traces of a far and deep past that must have been very powerful.

Why are there so many temples per square kilometer from this prehistoric era that are unique in the world? It seems like this used to be a holiday destination to recharge yourself fully! Well, that works out just as well: we will do just that on your Sardinian retreat or training. Sardinia is the island per excellence in the whole world for this. There is actually no other island that is so similar to Plato’s description of Atlantis, but “we, the Sards, don’t necessarily have to win that Atlantis competition in the world.” You bring your participants to this story-rich island. 

Rich in culture

You are not in Italy, here. It is and feels different. All those people who have visited the island have left their marks. The island mentality of the Sarden has preserved those marks. All of them. Various own languages with traces from a distant past. Some even say that if you strip Latin from Greek words and words from the Rome region, you will have Sardinian. Nice, hey? Who has now come from who?

It is the island with the most folkloric parties in the entire Mediterranean, and old and young wear the old costumes at those parties. The dances bear witness to community spirit, being together, fraternization. 

You see traces from far before Christ still present, superstition, amulets, also simply in a modern form contained in chic shops, because Sardinia naturally keeps up with the times. Very old and ultramodern co-exist, but the roots go deep, very deep, unnoticed by many. 

Often, as outsiders we notice more than the locals themselves. That is also the nice thing about us, outsiders, we look at Sardinia with some perspective.

Nature and diversity

The island is fairly empty, population wise. Most people live in towns which means that nature is still prestine. It is just big and diverse, worth discovering by following windy roads and unpaved paths into the silence here and there. You can fully enjoy varied landscapes ranging from plains to heights. 

Each has a unique and often rare fauna and flora. If you know how to notice details, and take the time, don’t think that you can see the whole island by driving around for a week. You could choose mountainous areas with herders’paths and villages with steep valleys, or a landscape full of vineyards. You could also opt for the coast with dunes, or plan your retreat next to a beautiful lake. 

Many ancient fruit sorts are present there still and are great nutritional value as the soil is traditionally volcanic and very rich in minerals. Thankfully the old vulcans are no longer seismically active

Sam did a lot of research and exploration: he can bring you directly to these special spots. Once in a while we do go by car, but people still see a lot on their way there.       

What is a good season?

Sardinia is located at about the height of the Costa Blanca in Spain, with its wintering places such as Benidorm. Subtropical, Mediterranean. 

Consider the quiet months, such as April, for example: wonderful, proper spring time, including a really fragrant floral display. If you choose October, make that wonderful late summer feeling last longer: you postpone the winter or get the sun into your home sooner.

Middle of the winter is another good option, for example around the time of the special prehistoric carnivals or a Christmas market with all kinds of crafts and with a wonderful atmosphere. If the sun is there, then you will feel it too (meaning if it is sunny it will be warm?). 

Even in the summer, when you can expect 40 degrees and it’s a bit busy with tourist, Sam knows many places inland that are quiet and cool in forests and along streams and waterfalls. 

Remember: bad weather does not exist; bad clothes and choices do. Let’s look together for the best season for your training

Hospitable Sards

Although most Sards only speak Italian and their own Sardinian language,  they will surprise, inspire and treat you and your participants well. They give of themselves and remain themselves. With Sam, you will meet hospitalbe Sards. 

You have an Italian-Dutch Sard – born in the Netherlands and with the island inside every fiber of his body- and in all modesty an eloquent, very communicative, attentive, caring, cheerful and wise listening guide and connector. Sam is full of heart and love for these people. At work in Sardinia they often call Sam “solare” – sunny – and they also recognize his creativity and loving enthusiasm as well.

Trainer Hanny: 'Thanks to your perseverance
to find hidden places that connect to my training!'

If you would like to discover and experience this very special island with Sam, make your training in Sardinia a wonderful experience. Do you want to know what your training could be like? Make a non-binding appointment with Sam.