Practical Information

You have made your decision: you are going to Sardinia with your training participants. How do we finalise your training arrangements? We meet in person beforehand and use a map. We talk and draw circles on the map about who, where exactly. We discuss which Sardinian products and experiences are a good match for the training that you will give. We will design your training together, followings five steps to guarantee that your workation with Keep Alive Tours is well organised.

The five steps to organise your workation

Sam has “recruited” you or you have approached Sam for a special brainstorming discussion, a first exploration. In person, at the table, we discuss whether there would be a good time in the year for you and your participants at all. We assess whether they will be able to afford it: revenue and costs are immediately clear to you. In the meantime, we also feel whether we can work well together: are we talking about the same thing in life too?

Then let’s explore your possible training in Sardinia. Which key words do we envision, which course modules, which learning objectives? Spontaneously Sam will immediately associate and link keywords and course modules to possible Sardinia sites or phenomena.

Are we still on the same line? Do we still have time for this, also in terms of promotion, because it simply strikes a chord, happens to come at a good time? Or not?

With this step, we look in more detail at the programme, target group and Sardinia connection:

  • We have an idea for an inspiring accommodation.
  • We discuss the possible flights and deeper logistics.
  • We will discuss where you will promote the retreat and how I can connect to it: personal conversation, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, a trade show, a symposium?
  • We check your community: who would immediately respond to your initiative?

The start-up costs for this second step are 100 euros. You get this back through the final proceeds of the workation. We then distribute these to your advantage.

  • We select a definitive, realistic date.
  • We each build a page about your training on our website
  • We make concrete agreements about promoting your workation, training or retreat.

Time to get the recruitment campaign started!

  • We promote our respective messages and respond to them
  • We work together towards an information meeting with potential clients
  • We plan to visit a relevant event where we can promote it.
  • We get used to each other more and more, let’s do it!

We are going on a trip. During the trip you can count on someone at your side who alleviates your workload, who doublechecks things with you finetunes details, adjusts, guides, fill ins, complements you. I know the area inside and out, speak the language, get on well with the locals, think on my feet, quickly see connections and solutions and offer a lot myself.

Planning and connecting the dots at Sardinia

There will be a week structure,
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leaving room for the unexpected too,
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often happy coincidence.
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We exchange a nod, some words, and then,
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if it fits: we take the new road.
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Trainee : 'The co-creation enriched my experience of the retreat in Sardinia.

Practical possibilities with Keep Alive Tours in Sardinia

Sam arranges transportation in Sardinia, food, accommodation from A to Z. Everything is possible: from chic to basic, from authentic to fake. During your training week you will stay in an attractive, suitable location. You can consider a luxury residence with its own swimming pool or a small, cozy agriotourism accommodation, or staying at a location together or in several Bed & Breakfasts within walking distance of one another. Another option is a picturesque traditional village house in the mountains with a waterfall and other trips within walking distance. You will come to a place personally selected by Sam that offers something more than just standard amenities. There is interaction with the people on site to add that little sparkle. An example of atmospheric impromptu touch is that they sometimes also burst into song for us just like that. Can!

Healthy food

Sam ensures that you are provided with tasty and healthy food, because you are also on vacation. You don’t have to worry about it. Whether it is a wonderfully set table or a picnic for on the road with local dishes and treats. Sam takes care of it for you.

Sam takes care

During your stay, Sam keeps his eyes and ears open for the group: from excursions to giving options, leaving some time for rest, taking care of travel times, a picknick lunch or groceries. He keeps room in his schedule for coincidences, spontaneous stops because the current situation fits the story of your training’s learning objectives or because the group needs them.

Does this resonate with you? Then have check out if you meet the criteria and schedule an appointment with Sam.