I am Sam: Samuele Pitzalis

Half Sardinian, half Dutchman

I was born in Rotterdam with a warm Sardinian beating heart. I have travelled to Sardinia all my life (since 1965), my roots and love for Sardinia are deep and genuine. I own a cosy B&B there in a monumental building in a great village.

Expert in Sardinia

I have always been open to positive inspiration using all my senses and I easily find examples of it around me. Whether I look at old stones or modern art, I quickly see a positive story in it, what is inspiring about it; especially when it can help deal with current problems such as stress, hardship, climate change, finding happiness at various levels. I like helping others by nature and am very caring.

I love places with a different feel, with a special something whether it is unusual, original, authentic, subtle, rich in wisdom. I do not settle for just any average terrace for a coffee and that’s it, I keep looking for special gems. I have always liked unsolved mysteries, hidden things and knowledge. Sardinia is extremely suited for that.

Thankfully, I still have the energy and physical condition to personally visit it and investigate it. This island must appreciate it because my loving explorer spirit often gets help from coincidences when I am out looking for inspiration.

This way I can share the most beautiful and things, places and experiences with your training participants and you. These special places and people encounters from up close will inspire you. I will provide detailed explanations to enrich your experience as on the island there are usually no signs nor plaques with information.

Happiness and good health

Ah, inspiring Sardinia is also all about happiness and good health. We can learn from the Sardinian elderly who often get to live to a grand old age. They keep alive healty. We can adopt and imitate their way of life that lead to excellent health and longevity. Without realizing it themselves, they often have a special message for us that we can take back home. One thing that I especially enjoy is to make a link to health issues during your training.

Rich in life experience

Look around you. Notice how the nicest people are usually rich in life experiences and choose to look at life on the bright side. I like to research things and I understand much from quantum physics to reiki and from construction to Vincent van Gogh’s use of blue. The courses that I took throughout the years were all related to ‘wisely stressing less and doing so living longer and in full freedom. I know much, understand much and make connections quickly and positively. I will deeply enjoy offering it all working together with a nice instructor as you.

I am...

Lovingly curious, noticing and preserving the good. There is always a beautiful element that is nice and useful in a training or in life. This deserves to be kept alive, hence the name Keep Alive Tours. I take you on a retreat or workation which feels like a wise adventure, a workation that will certainly make a difference for you long term. It is more than passing through conventionally and unconventionally beautiful places in Sardinia, they complement your training’s content.


Listening + connecting the dots

By nature, I connect the dots very quickly. After your first few words, I begin to make associations in my head while listening attentively. I do this not only during our preparation talks but also during the retreat once in Sardinia. I am your brainstorming partner and intelligent creative partner, before, during and after the retreat. I withdraw myself to the background at the right moments as well and I can definitely take decisive action too.  

I ensure that there is enough time to relax and access to tasty and healthy food. I will also put on some nice music because you too are after all on holiday.

Trainer Iris Poelert-Lutz:
'It was a unforgettable week for me and the group'

Sam, as a half local, kindly and friendly assists you with depth and knowledge, humanity and care, with an extensive retreat organization experience. He is someone who speaks the language, already knows the people and gets to know people very quickly. Intrigued?