Your training in Sardinia

Does your professional field bring people inner peace from a business point of view, physically, socially or mentally? Then Sardinia is the perfect destination for you. This inner peace is one of the pillars of Sardinia’s Blue Zone official status, where many people get to live a very long and healthy life. Whether you specialise in personal effectiveness, negotiation, leadership, yoga, family constellations, friendly selling, nutrition, exercising team building, it all fits well with Sardinia.

How does it work?


We will meet up to discuss advantages and areas of concern beforehand. We can design a week programme together, with you thinking from your professional expertise and me acting as a sounding board, complementing, illustrating and deepening your concept based on his knowledge of Sardinia on many levels and aspects. Two people thinking together bring devise stronger concepts.

What does the training days include?

We plan out the daily programmes. In the mornings you give your training at our accommodation and we will plan flexible moments in the afternoon for some adventure, with a touch of sparkle, humour, humanity, safety, taste, beauty, purity, friendliness and positivity. 

Thanks to the connection with your training, you can rightfully give a nice follow-up exercice or assignment there.

Well thought out

Arrangements will be well thought out because we will plan your training in Sardinia together following 5 steps so that Sam gets to know you and finds out what suits you. We will leave some time for things which happen by chance because they often complement your training’s learning objectives best. It is going to be quite an inspiring adventure for your participants and you!

You can count on me

You can count on me to alleviate your work load during your training week, with whom you can finetune details, adjust, guide, fill in, complement. I know this region inside and out, speak the local language, even understand the local dialect and get on well with the locals. I can creatively connect, quickly identify connections and solutions. I can be of help and can disappear into the background when needed. This way you can focus on giving your training without worries and finish an excellent week as when you first arrived.

Trainee: 'Sam brings you at undiscovered places that deepen the experience'

Examples of organised trainings

From burning up
to firing up

van opbranden naar opvlammen

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Better ambassadors and more goodwill factor?

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Tibetan yoga and leadership

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Do you want to see more examples of trainings or retreats? 

It all fell in the right place here for me!

'I won a Gold Medal innovation 2019 after writing my plan for my business niche during a training at Sardinia. It all fell in the right place here for me!'
Participant and entrepreneur

Are you ready to give a workshop or training in Sardinia?

You already give trainings, maybe even accreditation trainings. Do you want to stand out among trainers and stop giving trainings in predictable places, rooms?

You have been thinking about giving a training abroad for quite a while. Maybe you once tried but it did not go through or did not work out. Yet you still are thinking about it making it happen.

You actively reach out to your own community of followers and clients, including on social media and you have earned some good will from them. As an active networker, you enjoy talking about special events

In your network, you can count on having people who can spare 2,000 euros for a week full of trainings in Sardinia. Yes, with you giving them so many trainings in such a short time, it becomes affordable and worth their money.

Your professional field provides your clients with inner peace, whether physically, business wise, socially or mentally or a combination of these factors. In a nutshell, you do some good to people.

You love holidays with a touch of adventure, wandering on path, even sometimes off the path ready to explore. Curious about what is there and where we will end up!

Do you recognise more than one of these elements in your situation? Come and brainstorm with Sam. During our non-binding first meeting, we can map out possibilities for your training and how to complement it. Come for a good brainstorming session or schedule an appointment with Sam.