Energizing rest yoga

Yoga can be wishy washy, or it can be practical. It can be a complete set of new rules to obey, or it can focus on magnifying freedom and rest. So you will be ready for action coming from a state of rest, not constant stress. Like a cat in the window pane, supple, confident, decisive. So we did go to ancient spiritual places, this week, yes. But the focus in the exercises given by Iris Lutz, a pupil of Tulku Lobsang's Tibetan Healing Yoga? THE SPINE! Freedom of movement, rest in the body while moving. Not a competition in who is the best at the exercises. But an opening up of the body, of the mind, of the energy. Being together in serenity combined with sparkle, fun, adventure, wisdom, action. Trainer Iris Lutz asked for impressive Sardinia places related to the specific names of her exercizes. Animals, wind, water, and more. And got them. And she wanted full moon in an enchanting environment. She got it all and now she wants a second retreat. One of the clients signed up immediately again. Another client, a trainer herself, is considering organising her own retreat now too. Such inspiring weeks!

New edition scheduled right after coming back home!


Iris Lutz

Iris gave daily sessins not only just after breakfast, or before that, at sunrise over an astonishing lake, but also on tour, on some of Sardinia’s finest prehistoric energy sites. ‘The framework we drew up before left room for things to present themselves too. Because we could really trust each other – you are easy to attune with and you easily attune – also the spontaneous elements were just spot on.’

Clients take sóme steps too

On tour, between moments of rest and reflection and simple enjoyment, clients start reflecting about changes, in life. Away from home and in the fine company of people with life experience too, facilitated by Iris and me, we all practice more consciousness of what really counts in life. People share, and people dare. One participant felt it was time to stop mourning and hiding, and to open up to life more from now on. We all see prove of personal self management in action, in each other. Inspiring! .

You'll meet nice Sardinians too

The man on the right was the owner of the land where we visited the prehistorical tower, always accessible to public. I knew that, and the trainer was not so sure about it. Of course the owner came to see us and… he showed us a secret entrance to the tower and was as friendly as I knew him to be. Also our clients were somewhat surprised by the warmth, but I knew this was going to happen.

Week program

The minivan had already been collected before by me, so clients could immediately step in. There was food on board, and after a short drive the agriturismo where we stayed served us a delicious meal. The trainer lóved the idea of enjoying the full moon, so I took them to the lake at 5 minutes walk from dinner table: moon reflected in a silent lake. Intense beauty. .

I also know at what time the sun rises and where to admire it at it’s best. So we went out before breakfast to see a spectacular sunrise indeed. Breakfast. Yoga under the olive trees… Although we had been here much less than a day now, this was already feeling so goooood, for all of us. 

The main exercise today focussed on the element wind. So we went to a place where the wind could be felt like nowhere else. And of course we could hide from it, so we could do the exercise right there. Location, timing, unique creative connection. And ‘how to behave surprisingly effectively with head wind’? Fun!

The element water was the central theme today. Beautiful waterfalls, lake, the metaphor of flow and streaming together.  In the evening a surprise visit on the mountain, not only to admire the special view: I have a special talent for playing the right songs, with words that fit the situation, linking to what somewehat said before. Can be in the car or on a special place, now I played Maria Callas’ hymns to the moon and to the woman as such. Unexpected beauty, in deep serenity.

We visited craftsmen that use fire in their work and a place where we could work on inner fire. Metaphors with the exercizes, peculiar places, creative linking, venturing out, building uop energy. And peace and serenity in between, a meaningful song in the car. A coffee break. Happiness on the road. We are a fine group very quickly indeed!

Staying down to earth, in many ways, in the yoga exercize, but also in the stops. And in our talks.

A visit to a shop that brings the best of Sardinian jewelry together. Symbolism of the items, gifts for the people that allowed us our valuable time-out! Gratitude! A happy trainer and clients, and happy Sardinians, because they see that we also saw the humanity of Sardinia, the fine personal energy thst makes people feel good: SHINE!

Cost: 1750 euro

Excluding own flight to and from Sardinia and own personal expenses and drinks and transfers on and outside Sardinia.

Below Iris explains why the co-creation worked so well for her as a trainer. (Subtitled on YouTube channel Keep Alive Tours!)

Practical possibilities with Keep Alive Tours in Sardinia for trainers

Sam arranges transportation in Sardinia, food, accommodation from A to Z. Everything is possible: from chic to basic, from authentic to fake. During your training week you will stay in an attractive, suitable location. You can consider a luxury residence with its own swimming pool or a small, cozy agriotourism accommodation, or staying at a location together or in several Bed & Breakfasts within walking distance of one another. Another option is a picturesque traditional village house in the mountains with a waterfall and other trips within walking distance. You will come to a place personally selected by Sam that offers something more than just standard amenities. There is interaction with the people on site to add that little sparkle. An example of atmospheric impromptu touch is that they sometimes also burst into song for us just like that. Can!

Does this resonate with you? Then have check out if you meet the criteria and schedule an appointment with Sam.