Taking more breaks

This trainer combines 'down to earth' and 'practical' with 'open for new ideas'. Well, so do I. We took people to both serene fascinating prehistorical and natural beauty places ánd to hectic village festival and other bombardments of new inspiration. Like in real life, we could practice serenity remembering very diverse super simple but powerful tips, easy to keep alive also when back home. Not coincidentally, this is one of my expertises too: bringing it back to rich simplicity. So we have been a super team for three times now! The trainer is also vegetarian, so on an island where they are rightly super proud of their meat from animals roaming in the wild, a challenge? Absolutely not. And her spiritual side, personally, even deeper than she presented to her clients? Well, she has been returning to Sardinia in private several times now, re-visiting energy places you don't find anywhere else, and simply having fallen in love.

Quite life-changing for the trainer too!


Giving inspiration to chew on

Not just on some places, but on specific SAM-places! Like here, where prehistorical stones behind us mark the very centre of Sardinia. Great places to chew on mindful eating, for instance, the theme here: create breaks in our usual fast-chew-and-swallow-routine. Tasting better and beter! With you as a trainer we will also create exercises as we go along, fitting your theme.

Afraid of 'a week is too heavy'?

Heavy things made feel light. My specialty. Great to help Marleen how to present possibly ‘heavy’ themes like ‘feeling’, ‘awareness’, ‘consciousness’ and ‘self-compassion’ and even ‘meditation’ feel like simply natural, effortless. With her knowledge and my creativity on the spot combined… Seeing and presenting images that are powerful to our clients and us personally too. We are often very lucky to get this sort of images presented by… synchronicity? Helping us to better discover serenity?

Overcoming 'handicaps'

With this group we adjusted the excursions to physical level of activity, of course. And ‘surprise’, thanks to the personal attention, the kindness that we all shared, the 80 year old lady started walking withóut her usual stick. Taking it step by step, in the moment, caring, aware, with eye for detail. Together we will be good for your clients too.

Week program, for instance

Easily grounding even in new surrounding.

Allowing things to come and go. In the meantime today it looks like I lost the way, but it’s a test 🙂

Today we practice how to give worries to Something Superior that will take care. We also use smoke, up un smoke. So I organise a fire in all safety! And tell about how Sardinians trust in the supernatural.

Time to get the recruitment campaign started!

  • We promote our respective messages and respond to them
  • We work together towards an information meeting with potential clients
  • We plan to visit a relevant event where we can promote it.
  • We get used to each other more and more, let’s do it!

We are going on a trip. During the trip you can count on someone at your side who alleviates your workload, who doublechecks things with you finetunes details, adjusts, guides, fill ins, complements you. I know the area inside and out, speak the language, get on well with the locals, think on my feet, quickly see connections and solutions and offer a lot myself.

Cost: 1600 euro

Excluding own flight to and from Sardinia and own personal expenses and drinks and transfers on and outside Sardinia.

Marleen Smits: 'All I had to focus on was my programme. The rest was taken care of

Practical possibilities with Keep Alive Tours in Sardinia for trainers

Sam arranges transportation in Sardinia, food, accommodation from A to Z. Everything is possible: from chic to basic, from authentic to fake. During your training week you will stay in an attractive, suitable location. You can consider a luxury residence with its own swimming pool or a small, cozy agriotourism accommodation, or staying at a location together or in several Bed & Breakfasts within walking distance of one another. Another option is a picturesque traditional village house in the mountains with a waterfall and other trips within walking distance. You will come to a place personally selected by Sam that offers something more than just standard amenities. There is interaction with the people on site to add that little sparkle. An example of atmospheric impromptu touch is that they sometimes also burst into song for us just like that. Can!

Does this resonate with you? Then have check out if you meet the criteria and schedule an appointment with Sam.