Ideas for training weeks

You are also considering giving a training course in Sardinia, a week together with Sam Pitzalis of Keep Alive Tours. For inspiration we have listed some training week ideas below.

Trainers helping / enriching each other

Trainers giving each other feedback on the new exercise or work form that they would like to use. Professionals together, for intervision. Good idea? Mail me!

Coming and staying out of a burn-out

van opbranden naar opvlammen

Do you give people more tools and more confidence to stay out of rat races? Let’s inspire them to choose for themselves, more often, better on the long run. Mail me!

Creating goodwill in business networks

Do you help people how to make more out of their business network? How to deepen their social capital, effectively, friendly, so to have more response and help? Mail me!

Your idea can be realized too! Is it rough or specific? I’d love to hear about it. Remaining realistic, we can do it!

Are you a professional? Do you give trainings? Are you ready for the next step up, away from home and your daily routine, without the hassle? You too get taken care of. Keep Alive Tours also enriches your training and brings extra depth to it with local inspiration. With memorable links to your training, at meaningful places, rightfully in Sardinia. 

Call or app Sam at +31 6 11 33 45 11 or go to the contact page.