Find & follow Purpose: 'Plan de Vida'

I heard this trainer pitch on the importance of having a 'serenity in life' giving sense of purpose in life. One of the major key-elements behind 'happiness in great health' in Japan, Costa Rica, Greece and... Sardinia. 'Hey, Sardinia, shall we talk about bringing people there in a week?' We did three weeks in one year, a great success with participants too. Five of them finally wrote their book. One of them transformed from staying low key to feeling confident on huge pubblicity walls. Another one's company now is cálled by large companies, to solve their problem. And his wife and children have more quality time with him. All transformations. The trainer had been travelling a lot, once, and had been considering organizing a retreat, but did not know how or what. And then synchronicity made us meet and the first retreat felt so incredibly good, that we were fueled to organize two extra retreats in that very first year. Now she is an authority on finding your Purpose and Plan de Vida, and many clients still form a tribe after the retreat week itself, coming together, helping each other, caring about each other. On a personal level, this trainer found in me more than a co-producer: a true promotor of her approach because I see the good that it does to people, when they finally give it a chance: getting their 'inner deep' message clear and presenting that message to the world.

Immediately three editions the first year!


Indeed, it is quite a Journey

In the morning, after breakfast, after an introduction by you, participants work together on assignments. The questions can be tough, the answers won’t always come immediately. But the seed will have been planted, it just needs some fresh air and water,  nutrition. The excursion after the work session gives that openness, in safety together, to step out of comfortzones, and allow new information to sink in. In stead of keeping fists together, and even hiding the fists, the hand opens up. And eventually the heart. Finger after finger, step by step, we guide that process. I attend to the courses too, for a great deal, picking up signs, so when I consciously raise the subject again later in the day, on an appropriately inspiring Sardinian place, you can grab the moment and present your next exercise, for example.   

Special places help to focus

The places that we visit, well, we ‘see’ them differently too. Of course I give some standard information, but not too much. Because we’re just not here on a vacation, but on a workation: work. So what is the metaphor with the theme of the week, or with this morning’s exercize? Here is where this client started writing and writing, and ‘it just came over over me, it just poured out of my pen, on the paper’. Deepening experiences, kept alive in daily life.

Long before the end: a tribe

Thanks to the atmosphere we create – safe, secure base, wisdom, humour, humanity, respect – clients open up and are there for each other too. Around you. Most people stay ‘connected’ to the trainer also after a Sardinia retreat: attending your mastermind group for example, and inspiring each other in a whatsapp group, because clients know and trust you and each other. It is much more than ‘just a week’.

Week program

Immediately after arrival, a visit to a strange site, deep back in time: fascinating prehistory, with a message to the mindset brought from home: ’there is some wise information that we tend to ignore too much here’. The tingling sensation that this won’t be ‘just a week’ starts here.

The casual walks to wondrous places are there on purpose: it’s easier to talk and pick up signs about the logistical side too. Is the room allright indeed? Special needs? I am onto these things too, swiftly, communicating with locals, solving situations beforehand. You can focus on the content of your programme.

Group exercizes, single sessions, talking sticks, bonfires, crisis moments remembering things from the past, room for thought and emotions, compassionate listening. Realizing what created coping strategies. Evisioning the future. Understanding objections. We are always together. And we have privacy. personal space too. To work things out.

There is always much nature around, green open spaces, views in the distance, horizon, room for thought. alone, a stroll…. Recognisable for us all. infact we too, as trainers, you as the major trainer, me as your sidekick, we have been there too in life. While our clients chew on what is happening, we attune, finetune. together, as a team.

Alleviating your workload is also knowing how you have been doing, how you are. What is your need? I see you too, and clients see us two too. We are a secure base for them because we take care of ourselves too. I recharge quickly by taking a stroll and finding out things on my own. I respect what you need too and friendly take over from you, shortly, if you need a break too.

This can be a day, shortly before getting back, in which we go to a top, perhaps of a local hill, or a place deep inside, with meaning, something that takes a bit of courage, but we have so much credit with each other, so much trust, we know we can do it. I am good at giving people more and more confidence while moving, breathing, leading to great feeling, and feeling great.

Day by day our clients will have accumulated more confidence. And you too. You will have discovered that you can do a week like this. At the end of the week also you will be ‘better’ than before. It has been an adventure to… repeat! And the people that hosted us: they love us, because we have been good people. a different type of tourist, visitor. It has been meaningful for them too.

Cost: 2222 euro

Excluding own flight to and from Sardinia and own personal expenses and drinks and transfers on and outside Sardinia.

Henny Aben, after our first retreat: 'I'm so proud of our co-creation!'

Practical possibilities with Keep Alive Tours in Sardinia for trainers

Sam arranges transportation in Sardinia, food, accommodation from A to Z. Everything is possible: from chic to basic, from authentic to fake. During your training week you will stay in an attractive, suitable location. You can consider a luxury residence with its own swimming pool or a small, cozy agriotourism accommodation, or staying at a location together or in several Bed & Breakfasts within walking distance of one another. Another option is a picturesque traditional village house in the mountains with a waterfall and other trips within walking distance. You will come to a place personally selected by Sam that offers something more than just standard amenities. There is interaction with the people on site to add that little sparkle. An example of atmospheric impromptu touch is that they sometimes also burst into song for us just like that. Can!

Does this resonate with you? Then have check out if you meet the criteria and schedule an appointment with Sam.